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Wine labels may be divided into two types: first, paper labels, and  film type self-adhesive labels.

The paper is mainly used in the popular products of ordinary liquor; the film material is mainly used in the middle and high grade liquor products. At present, the mass products in the market have a large proportion, so the corresponding paper materials are used more.

Film class commonly used PE, PP, PVC and other synthetic materials, film materials are mainly white, Matt, transparent three kinds. Since the printability of the film material is not very good, corona treatment is generally applied or the coating is enhanced by increasing the coating on its surface. In order to avoid some deformation or tear film material in the printing and labeling process, part of the material will undergo directional processing, one-way or two-way tensile stretch, for example, through the application of biaxial stretching BOPP materials are quite common pressure light writing paper, offset paper label multipurpose label paper, label, label information for barcode printing, especially suitable for high speed laser printing, also suitable for ink-jet printing.

Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive label has the advantages of no brushing glue, no paste, no dip in water, no pollution, saving time for labeling, etc. the utility model has the advantages of wide application range, convenient and quick use. Label all kinds can be used in general paper labels that incompetent material, it can be said that the label is a universal label printing, label printing and traditional printing compared have great differences, self-adhesive label printing and processing in labels usually motivation, and more time to complete processes, such as graphic printing, die-cutting, exhaust, cut and winder etc.. Visible, self-adhesive labels on the printing process and printing equipment has a higher demand.


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