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The use of cosmetics label can be made of degradable materials and membrane materials. Now the market for higher requirements of products, the use of biodegradable materials can be biodegradable in use, reduce environmental pollution, and the water soluble glue can be used in automatic glue, dissolved in water, avoid pollution to the environment the glue film materials appearance bright appearance, the film material, can be preserved for a long time.

Degradable material and film material in the production process, process performance is good, can compound a variety of colors, and can be more complex process, on paper materials and film materials such as UV, hot stamping, embossing process. The combination of process, can be very good for promotion and display of products. In addition to the product requirements, made into a label or tag folding, to increase product information capacity. At the same time, cosmetics label as a carrier of information on the surface of the product, can also print advertising information of other products, the information media used.


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